Name: Anthrasil

Adverse Effects


Headache (20.4%)


Nausea (9.3%)

Infusion site pain (9.3%)

Infusion site swelling (7.4%)

Back pain (3.7%)


Mechanism of Action

Purified human intravenous immune globulin G (IgG) containing polyclonal antibodies that provides passive immunization that neutralizes anthrax toxin

Binds to protective antigen (PA) to prevent PA-mediated cellular entry of anthrax edema factor and lethal factor

Administered in combination with appropriate antibiotic therapy as the immune globulin by itself is not known to have direct antibacterial activity against anthrax bacteria, which otherwise may continue to grow and produce anthrax toxins

It is prepared using plasma collected from healthy, screened donors who have been immunized with anthrax vaccine adsorbed (BioThrax)


The following parameters were measured at 3 different dosage levels (ie, 210 units, 420 units, and 840 units), respectively

AUC 0-4: 1031.8, 2176.7, and 4271 mU•d/mL

AUC 0-∞: 1277.5, 2536.7, 4788.8 mU•d/mL

Peak plasma concentration: 83, 156.4, and 316.7 mU/mL

Peak plasma time: 0.116, 0.12, and 0.169 days

Half-life: 24.3, 28.3, and 28 days

Vd: 5714.8, 6837.2, and 7238.2 mL

Clearance: 174.2, 169.7, and 188.6 mL/day