Name: BayRho-D

Commonly used brand name(s)

In the U.S.

  • BayRho-D
  • HyperRHO S/D
  • MicRhogam Ultra-Filtered
  • Rhogam
  • RhoGAM Ultra-Filtered Plus
  • Rhophylac
  • WinRho SDF

In Canada

  • Winrho SDF

Available Dosage Forms:

  • Powder for Solution
  • Solution
  • Injectable

Therapeutic Class: Immune Serum

Dose Adjustments

Exposure to over 15 mL of RHo (D)-positive red blood cells (postpartum prophylaxis/obstetric complications/invasive procedures):
Rhophylac(R): Increase the dose based on guidelines for excessive fetomaternal hemorrhage.

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP):
-Initial dose if hemoglobin (Hgb) less than 10 g/dL:
WinRho(R): Reduce dose to 125 to 200 international units/kg (25 to 40 mcg/kg), IV, over 3 to 5 minutes

If subsequent therapy is needed to elevate platelet counts:
-Satisfactory increase in platelets with initial dose:
WinRho(R): 125 to 300 international units/kg (25 to 60 mcg/kg), IV, over 3 to 5 minutes
-Patient did not respond to initial dose of WinRho(R), dosing based on hemoglobin:
Hgb under 8 g/dL: Use alternative treatment
Hgb 8 to 10 g/dL: 125 to 200 international units/kg (25 to 40 mcg/kg)
Hgb over 10 g/dL: 250 to 300 international units/kg (50 to 60 mcg/kg)


Data not available

Rho (d) immune globulin Breastfeeding Warnings

This drug should be used only if clearly needed. Excreted into human milk: Unknown Excreted into animal milk: Data not available Comments: No undesirable effects are expected on nursing infants

Rho(D) Immune Globulin Identification

Substance Name

Rho(D) Immune Globulin

CAS Registry Number


Drug Class

Antibodies, Immunoglobulin G